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Find Quality Used Electric Cars for Sale in Merriam

With more and more electric vehicles hitting American roads, you’ll start to see some of them as used electric cars for sale in Merriam. Why do people trade in their EVs? Perhaps they want a more luxurious model. We get that a lot at Jaguar Kansas City. Maybe they want a bigger one with an electric SUV instead of an electric car. Regardless of the reason, we offer a fantastic selection of used electric cars for sale in Merriam. Take a look at what we’ve got before visiting us for a test drive.

View Our Pre-Owned Electric Cars for Sale at Jaguar Kansas City

Are you considering an EV?  Jaguar Kansas City has used electric cars for sale to help you achieve a luxury look while being better for the environment. With the popularity of the Jaguar I-PACE model lineup, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood and social circles. Explore some of your options below.

Jaguar I-PACE

One of the most luxurious SUVs, the Jaguar I-PACE has a range of 243 miles, perfect for commuting or traveling across the country, as the range gives you plenty of charge to get in between cities. It also handles like a dream, gives you a smooth ride, and has all of the modern, high-tech amenities you expect from a Jaguar.

You’ll get plenty of high-performance features and specs in this luxury SUV. You can get up to 63 miles of charge in 15 minutes at DC Fast Charging stations. The battery exceeds the lifetime warranty of the car, so make sure you find a certified pre-owned Jaguar I-PACE with some warranty that might be left on it. The vehicle is also aerodynamic, with a wide windshield that feels like you’re piloting a fighter jet.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S practically drives itself (though it’s not recommended). This used electric car for sale looks sharp, handles well, and has everything needed in a fantastic EV.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Electric Cars for Sale?

Electric cars can be great for the earth and your wallet. And at the pace luxury automakers are producing them, EVs will be everywhere in a few years. Our used electric cars for sale in Merriam make these types of luxury vehicles more accessible to you.

Buying a used electric car for sale makes even more sense because:

  • Used models give you a larger selection of models, model years, and features to choose from.
  • Used models have already undergone the largest depreciation they will experience, meaning your vehicle will hold its value longer.
  • Buying used can decrease your insurance costs, as they consider the vehicle’s value when setting your rate.

If you’ve found a used electric car for sale that’s right for your needs, take the next steps and apply for financing. We’ll get back to you with the best loan offers. Ready to save even more on a used electric car for sale? Trade in your vehicle and look at our used vehicle specials!

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