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When owners are looking for service options for premium Jaguar vehicles, they don’t want to let their elite transportation go to just any hands. Jaguar owners want to be able to bring their vehicles, from an XE sedan to an F-Pace SUV, to a place where experienced, Jaguar-trained technicians can deliver premium service. Fortunately for Jaguar owners in the Kansas City area, Jaguar Kansas City Service and Parts in Merriam KS offers top-of-the-line customer care for Jaguar vehicles. As an official Jaguar dealership, we have the tools and the supplies needed to make sure that any vehicle that comes to us gets the best possible service. Customers of our Jaguar Kansas City Service and Parts Department don’t have to worry about their vehicle, whether they have brought it in for light regular maintenance or for a more serious repair.

When luxury shopper purchase a Jaguar, they are not just buying a beautiful piece of automotive craftsmanship. They are buying a guarantee of quality. Every new Jaguar model comes with complimentary maintenance. Owners who want extra peace of mind are able to purchase the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan, which covers almost every mechanical part of the vehicle. With the twin guarantee of Jaguar EliteCare and the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan, Jaguar owners can rest assured that their Jaguar will deliver top performance at any time. Do you have a question about Jaguar Kansas City Service and Parts? Would you like to make an appointment? Contact us today or schedule an appointment. We work hard to offer each of our customers the luxury service experience that matches the quality of their Jaguar vehicle.

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Jaguar Service Intervals

Service intervals for 2016 model year and later Jaguar vehicles will be every 16,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever arrives first. Regular maintenance, in these intervals, will be covered for 5 years (or 60,000 miles). Vehicles that take many short journeys or are often running in severe conditions may benefit from more frequent oil changes that may not be covered by Jaguar EliteCare.

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Authentic Jaguar Parts

Whether owners need a part for a repair, or have put serious wear on the wheels, the Jaguar Kansas City Service and Parts Department in Merriam KS has access to the authentic Jaguar parts that these elite vehicles deserve. Luxury drivers should never need to settle for second best. We offer only the finest in factory-authorized parts for all our customers’ service needs.

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Schedule Appointment

Whether you have a concern about your vehicle, want to keep your Jaguar purring on the road with regular maintenance, or would like to take advantage of the complimentary service of Jaguar EliteCare, Jaguar Kansas City Service and Parts in Merriam KS is happy to serve. Contact us to set up an appointment, or schedule service online by clicking below.

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